UN to Send Peacekeeping Forces Into Ferguson Missouri

NEW YORK – The UN announced that it will begin peacekeeping operations in Ferguson, Missouri to handle ongoing riots and investigate human rights violations.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says the move comes following the US government’s refusal to intervene in the situation. The refusal has allowed an over militarized and under trained police force to operate in the conflict. 

“Our goal is always to operate as an impartial force to ensure the citizens of the world are treated fairly in all nations big and small,” Ki-moon says in his statement on the matter. “The US has allowed a small group of overzealous officers to violate the rights of their citizens without intervention. There appears to be significant evidence of potential coverup of human rights violations as a result.”

The UN believes the US may have violated a number of articles from Protocol II of the Geneva Convention. Suspected violations include Articles 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 13, related to protection of citizens, unnecessary force, and discriminating on basis of race. UN officials say they will pursue sanctions if violations are found.

Evidence of the potential cover up of these violations came after officials in Ferguson refused to allow media into the area, even going as far as arresting reporters attempting to cover the story, which is a violation of the United States’ own bill of rights explains Ki-moon.

Rioting in the area began after an officer, whose name officials have refused to release, shot and killed an unarmed civilian. Local police then crashed with protesters in the St. Louis suburb. UN officials say they will not seek the US’ permission to intervene in the situation.

“The US military has set a terrific example of how to conduct peace keeping internationally,” Ki-moon continues. “The old ways of only using intervention when the host nation requests so no longer works. To prevent large humanitarian crisis like what Iraq and Libya, pre-emptive action must take place to prevent further rights violations.”

The UN announced additional plans to send peacekeeping troops to all Dallas Cowboy and Oakland Raiders football games for the 2014 season following large outbreaks of violence between the two teams, and acts against humanity by forcing the fan bases to support both programs.


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UN to Send Peacekeeping Forces Into Ferguson Missouri