Thousands Flock to Downtown Little Rock for the Riverfest Spring Fashion Show

riverfest-fashionOver 260,000 people flocked to downtown Little Rock this memorial day weekend for the 36th annual Riverfest Spring Fashion Show. The fashion show featured hundreds of participants showcasing the latest in southern fashion.

The fashion show is widely regarded as the pinnacle of southern fashion. Over the years popular music acts have been invited to preform as participants showcase their style. Many of the styles this year were inspired by looks from the early 90’s, most of the musical acts reflected this focus.

The hot new trends this year included many favorites from years before such as cammo, jeans hand torn slightly below the crotch, and shirtless guys. However two new big trends came in the way of midriffs and lizard-witch outfits. In fact this year’s best of show went to a lizard-witch outfit designed by Giorgio Armani (seen as the first photo in our slideshow).

“We expect to see a lot of these styles coming into the region over the next year” a Riverfest Fashion Show spokesperson tells us. “Take for instance the lizard-witch outfit, we feel this is the hottest style for women this year. Many of the men find this super sexy, there is nothing hotter than a reptile that weighs as much as a duck.”

This year we asked RockCity Times readers to capture the best styles from this year’s fashion show. If you have photos you would like to show us shoot us an email at


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Thousands Flock to Downtown Little Rock for the Riverfest Spring Fashion Show