UAMS Fraternity Offers Free Breast Exams at Parties

Members of the Beta Omicron Omicron Beta fraternity are bringing the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences by offering free breast exams at parties.

James Pollerd, junior pre-med major and chapter president, said he and his Greek brothers felt an overwhelming need to reach out and touch the community.

“There are three reasons we’re doing this,” Pollerd explained. “One is a breast. The second is also a breast. And the third is a sense of old-fashioned chivalry.”

The fraternity members have received extensive training on how to perform the exams by reading WebMD, watching scenes from “Baywatch,” and practicing on plastic bags filled with Jell-O. The most recent Breast Fest, as the parties have been dubbed, took place on October 19.

“We started the evening with a wet T-shirt contest, because we’ve found that the cold water makes it easier to find lumps and other irregularities,” Pollerd said. “Then we conducted the exams and wrapped it all up with a celebratory topless pillow fight. It was at least three times as much fun as going to Twin Peaks.”

Although the fraternity advises all women to undergo regular exams, they have restricted their services to women ages 18 to 25 who have cup sizes “B” and above. “We only have so many hands to go around,” Pollerd said.

If women are unable to attend the last party of the month on October 31 (a Halloween-themed event titled “Haunt Yo Boo-bies”) they are able to text photos of their breasts at any time to the fraternity brothers for a virtual inspection.

Editor’s Note: This article was published in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you aren’t comfortable with members of Beta Omicron Omicron Beta conducting your breast exam, you can find out how to perform a self-exam here and learn about the importance of mammograms here.


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UAMS Fraternity Offers Free Breast Exams at Parties