UAMS Student Discovers Controversial Cure for Women’s Prostate Cancer

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A freshman at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences with may have stumbled upon a medical miracle this weekend when he devised a cure for women’s prostate cancer during a fraternity game of “drunk Operation.”

The school’s Chi Zeta Chi secret fraternity has faced criticism in the past for mixing alcohol with the classic Milton Bradley board game, but members such as 18-year-old Brian Biggman suggest the combination leads to medical innovation.

Biggman, a Little Rock native who recently began taking summer classes to become a surgeon, notified the media of his women’s prostate cancer breakthrough in a series of text messages sent while he was still drunk on Sunday night.

The first message read, “About 30,000 ppl will die frm prost8 cancer this year..I canz save the women.” Biggman proceeded to describe a lengthy medical procedure that leads to “the compl3te removal of the women’s prost8.”

UAMS has not issued an official press release detailing the discovery, and a Wikipedia article suggesting that women do not have prostate glands casts a shadow of doubt on the student’s announcement. 

Biggman has declined to comment on his cure since he first broke the news, although it is rumored that he has moved on to researching a cure for veisalgia, a condition that has afflicted fraternities around the world for decades.

This post was published in June, which is Men’s Health Month. While women’s prostate cancer has possibly been cured, readers should still share this article and prostate cancer information with male friends,  family members, and fraternity members, who are still at risk. Most men are encouraged to begin early screening to help detect cancer early.



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UAMS Student Discovers Controversial Cure for Women’s Prostate Cancer