University of Central Arkansas President Tom Courtway Joins Campus Fraternity

Tom Courtway, president of the University of Central Arkansas, shocked the campus community today when he publically announced he had joined the university’s chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity earlier this semester.

“I can think of no better way to support UCA’s Greeks than to become one,” said Courtway, who has affectionately been given the nickname “Tommy Boy” by his fraternity brothers.

While he declined to discuss any specifics of the fraternity’s highly secretive initiation process, school officials have uncovered a photo that suggests Courtway was pressured into pouring laundry detergent into the university’s Harding Plaza fountain on Jan. 9.

Courtway’s decision to join Sigma Phi Epsilon has been met with harsh criticism from his wife, Melissa.

“Since he joined Sig Ep, Tom has spent most of his time at the fraternity house down the street,” she said. “When I told him we needed more quality time, he suggested that I join a sorority if I felt bored. The worst part is that he makes me call him ‘Tommy Boy.'”

Tom has reportedly forced Melissa to sever all ties with other fraternities’ members–including their grandson, Braden Courtway, a sophomore at UCA who is involved with another Greek organization.

UCA staff and faculty members have voiced their concerns over the president’s new affiliation, saying that Tom’s recent decision to repaint the striped UCA football field using Sigma Phi Epsilon’s charicteristic purple and red color scheme would make the field even uglier.



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University of Central Arkansas President Tom Courtway Joins Campus Fraternity