University of Arkansas Announces Contract Extension and Raise for Chad Morris

The University of Arkansas announced a 2-year contract extension and $1.25 million per year raise for head football coach Chad Morris. The extension takes his contract to 2025 at $4.75 million per year.

Arkansas Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek said the improved on the field performance combined with moral victories, promises, and future recruiting classes helped the decision.

“I sat down with coach Morris following the Mississippi State loss to evaluate his position as our head coach, and he really sold me on his performance,” Yurachek said in a press conference. “He said we keep getting better and better and pointed to the point difference this year compared to last year. He said we are getting so close to executing in key moments and he is proud of several guys on the team. Plus he said we have some great freshmen we redshirted this year, plus an outstanding recruiting class coming in that he will also redshirt. How can you not like what the guy has to offer?”

Morris pointed to year over year improvements showing a -13.08 margin last year compared to a dramatically improved -12.6 margin with 3 games remaining. With those three remaining games, Morris promised victories in each of them.

“I may have been a little premature to promise a victory against Mississippi State, but we will win all of our three remaining games. Just look at the spark KJ [Jefferson] gave us in the 4th quarter,” Morris stated. “I think he is going to continue to lift our team when we throw him in at a random point in the 3rd quarter to relieve Hicks after he runs us into a 38 point deficit. It really is the type of second-half performance we need in the final three games.”

Morris also pointed to the upcoming recruiting class that is currently ranked 52nd on Rivals, after seeing all the 4-star recruits de-commit. “We have a lot of great talent coming up, at one time we were ranked in the top 20 recruiting classes. Not sure what happened there, but we still have this great kid named Chandler Morris who I am sure will be great,” coach Morris added.

In addition to the Morris contract extension, Yurachek also announced an extension with Pepsi to provide soft drinks for the stadium touting the great success they have had since making the switch from Coca Cola. “We know everyone loves Pepsi, so we are excited to extend that contract to 2050,” Yurachek stated.


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University of Arkansas Announces Contract Extension and Raise for Chad Morris