University of Arkansas Announces Plans to End War Memorial Tailgating

LITTLE ROCK – The University of Arkansas athletic department announced plans today to effectively end tailgating at War Memorial stadium for Razorback games.

Under the new rules announced before today’s Georgia game, parking will no longer be allowed on the War Memorial golf course starting with the 2015 game against Toledo. Any fans attempting to park on the golf course will have their vehicles towed and charged with trespassing. Additionally stadium officials will institute a new no loitering policy for the main War Memorial parking lot.

“The games in Little Rock are absolutely no fun for my staff and I,” Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long tells us. “We have taken every step possible to make these games as equally unpleasant for everyone else involved. Yet I look around and see people having fun at a really big tailgate environment. The only option is to end it. If I am not having fun no one else can either.”

To accommodate the loss in parking UA will provide shuttle transportation from the state fairgrounds to the stadium.

Long said he attempted to not use such drastic measures to create unhappiness in Little Rock. Unfortunately despite poor quality of games, poor performance, removing games, and sabotaged clocks and video screens fans still seem to have a good time around the games.

“We have even gone as far as purposely losing games in Little Rock thinking that would fix the problem and have fans demand a full move to Fayetteville,” Long continues. “Look, we can’t get out of the contract yet. Trust me we tried. This is the only thing we have left to make people only want games in Fayetteville. A few miserable years and the fans will be begging us to drop the Little Rock games. At that point we will grudgingly oblige.”

Fans will be allowed to participate in one of two UA sanctioned tailgates outside the War Memorial Stadium administered by the Arkansas Baptist Convention to ensure no fun takes place.


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University of Arkansas Announces Plans to End War Memorial Tailgating