Valentine’s Day Cake Mix Up Leads to Restraining Order for Local Man

LITTLE ROCK – A restraining order was filed today after a local man mistakenly sent a Valentine’s day cake, originally intended for his wife, to a local lawyer.

Steve Shuler, who runs a Little Rock Foodcast, ordered a cake for his wife from Sweet Love Bakery last week to be delivered on Valentine’s day. Shuler decided on Monday to send a cake to Zara Wilkerson thanking her for her interview on his show.

“I called him this morning to ask where he wanted the cakes delivered,” Sweet Love owner Kelli Marks tells us. “He gave me an address for the first cake, and said to drop the second cake off at his house. I asked him three times if he was sure those were the correct locations, because I certainly did not want the wrong person receiving the first cake.”

The first cake was delivered to Wilkerson’s husband, John, early Friday morning while preparing with a client for trial later in the day. He says the note on the box read “Thinking about you on this “BIG” day, feel free to have a bite or two.”

“The client and I were prepping all morning for a very big trial. I saw the note and assumed it was from my wife trying to wish me luck today,” John Wilkerson tells us. “Oh the horror when I opened that box with my female client sitting there. All I saw was a huge penis waving at me.”

Wilkerson said he immediately called Sweet Love to ask who sent the cake.

“This was the last straw. During the podcast interview with my wife he made a not so subtle pass at me, which left me a bit uncomfortable,” Wilkerson says. “I shrugged it off, but this crosses the line. I left early for court and stopped by to see the judge to file a restraining order.”

Court documents also show that Shuler’s wife filed for divorce today as well, citing “complete and total insincerity” after finding a Valentine’s day card attached to her cake that read “Thanks for talking with me and cooking great desserts. You are a wonderful friend”.


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Valentine’s Day Cake Mix Up Leads to Restraining Order for Local Man