Wednesday Tornados. 4 Tips to Keep Yourself Safe

tornado_1Wednesday tornadoes have become a common occurrence in Rock City for a number of years. The tornadoes have devastated hundreds and drove many residence to continual fear.

The tornadoes seem to hit around 12 noon central time every Wednesday. Weather patterns seem to have no baring on the tornadoes hitting the area, many have hit during clear skies, cloudy skies, and even occasionally during snowfall. Today we look at 5 ways to keep yourself safe during these weather events.

1) Take precaution early: The tornadoes typically hit around 12 noon, but can fluctuate by a few minutes in either direction. Move yourself to a structurally sound hidey hole in the lower level of a building, away from doors and windows by no later than 11:50 a.m.. This will ensure you are protected in the case of an early tornado.

2) Do not get caught outside during the tornado: For many people noon is lunch time. Take your lunch early or late to avoid being caught in an unpredictable situation on Wednesdays.

3) Keep emergency supplies close: Carry a backpack with emergency supplies with you at all times around noon on Wednesdays. This will help in case you become trapped in an unfamiliar location for long periods at time due to tornado damage. Our recommended emergency pack consist of flashlights, batteries, granola bars, and a full flask of burbon.

4) Be alert for signs of damage following a Wednesday tornado: Many more people are actually injured in the aftermath of a Wednesday tornado. When exiting your hidey hole, look for signs of damage that could fall and injure you and those around you.

The most important thing is to be prepared, the tornadoes do hit every single Wednesday, and often without warning from local weather alerts. They can strike at random locations throughout the area. Do not assume because the weather outside is not conducive to severe weather that it will not hit. Run and hide early and often every Wednesday around noon to keep yourself safe.


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Wednesday Tornados. 4 Tips to Keep Yourself Safe