This Week in the Rock – Is This The Start of World War III?

Welcome to our first “This Week in the Rock”. We will take some of the top real news stories of the week, as well as a few that we find interesting, and try to give it a little RCT flair. Let us know what you think on Facebook, twitter,  or in the comments, and feel free to send us any stories for consideration.

Millions of Marriages in Jeopardy After Same Sex Marriage Becomes Legal

This week’s big story came after Circuit Judge Chris Piazza ruled that Arkansas’ ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. This struck down a 1997 law and a 2004 state constitutional amendment banning love of your fellow gender.

The fallout was swift and widespread. The Secretary of State’s office reports that over 150,000 divorces were filed through county clerk’s offices this week from heterosexual couples who could no longer trust the sanctity of their marriage. Meanwhile Little Rock and Saline County police officers are still managing massive riots that broke out around the Bass Pro Shops shopping center protesting the ruling.

Jason Rapert’s Experiences Commitment Fear after Gay Marriage Overturn

On the subject of marriage equality… Everyone’s favorite State Senator Jason Rapert came out quite nervous sounding this week questioning everything from the US justice system’s constitutionally granted role, to the reasons the pilgrims wrote the Magna Carta, and even WW III beginning in Arkansas to rationalize reasons against marriage equality in the state.

RCT sources however overheard the following phone conversation Rapert had before entering the North Little Rock Golden Corral last night which leads us to believe that a deeper reasoning behind his frantic fight against equality exist.

“I am just not ready for a commitment that big. I know the law says it is ok now, but can’t we just keep it a secret a bit longer?”*
*note, this conversation may have not taken place.**
**in fact we are fairly certain it didn’t, but it does make a lot of sense.

Benton Police Department Prepares for War


On the subject of pending WW III. The Benton police department recently acquired an armored vehicle (seen above) in what seems like above and beyond for  controlling crime in a town of less than 25,000.

The only logical explanation is that Benton is preparing for war against Bryant. Your move Bryant. Will Mayor Dabbs add a tank, or try to use the relatively new airport and go with a bomber? The Salt Bowl could get ugly this year.

Pennington Drops Out of Sheriff’s Race

Speaking of Benton and police. We have to say a sad goodbye to one of our favorite locals to write stories about. Bruce Pennington announced that he will drop out of the Saline County Sheriff’s race citing “personal health reasons”. And by personal health reasons he means the inability to walk in a straight line.

Good Bye Bruce. May you decide to run for something else some day soon.

UPDATE: Looks like Bruce is not quite done. 



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This Week in the Rock – Is This The Start of World War III?