Willow Springs Water Park to Reopen as Willow Springs Winter Wonderland


With much of the natural state effectively shut down during the colder months, there is not a lot of outdoor winter fun to be had. This winter season, however, old amusement park is getting a second chance as a winter wonderland.

Willow Springs Water Park announced today that the infamous establishment is getting a makeover as Willow Springs Winter Wonderland. The park will feature several winter attractions including ‘snow,’ ‘snowball throwing,’ and ‘snow slides’ among others.  The owners hope that this will repair the tarnished name that is Willow Springs. “We believe that everyone deserves a second chance. We want to show the community that we are more then just contaminated water and concrete slides. We can be a snow park with ice and concrete slides,” said general manager David Ratliff. “I tell you, this park is going to be great!”

Ratliff went on to give specific details about the various attractions that will be available at the park. “Well, we don’t quite have enough money for artificial snow but we are getting the next best thing: powdered sugar! It looks the same and tastes twice as good.” When asked how snowballs are made with powdered sugar, Ratliff said that their ‘snowball throwing’ would consist of white painted rocks for the kids to throw. “Me and my brothers used to throw rocks at each other all the time during winter. That’s the type of family tradition that you can expect from Willow Springs.”

The new park will also feature the concrete slides that are a landmark attraction. Tubers will slide down the hill and launch out onto the frozen water body that makes up Willow Springs. “We’re pretty sure the water will be frozen by the time the park opens. We are getting the best in frozen air conditioning to make sure that it stays good and solid throughout the winter months.”

Ratliff explained the process of turning the park into a winter wonderland. The first step is to create a huge mound of powdered sugar at the top of the hill that faces Willow Springs. “Then, we just turn on these huge fans and watch the magic happen.” The estimated cost to transform the park is expected to run as high as five hundred dollars.

Some authorities have raised concerns over the state of the park since its close in July of 2013. The park was shut down after a child contracted the rare brain-eating amoeba Naegleria fowleri. While infection from the amoeba is extremely rare, some are concerned about the potential for more infections should Willow Springs reopen. There were also several other safety issues including rusty metal, rickety equipment, green water, large biting flies, lack of lifeguards, uncooked corn dogs, African killer ants, sudden whirlpools, hidden tiger traps, and the occasional raid by a swamp creature.

David Ratliff reassured the public that everything at Willow Springs is perfectly safe. “I do not believe that this will be an issue. I mean it’s going to be cold during winter. I’m no scientist but this amoeba can’t possibly survive during the winter months. Besides, I highly doubt that any kids will fall into the ice as they launch across it on inner tubes.” Ratliff went on to list some of the new safety measures implemented at Willow Springs including new paint on their concrete slides, a highly trained group of swamp monster hunters, and signs warning against consumption of yellow ‘snow’.

“I know that if Arkansas gives us another chance, we can be this state’s number one winter attraction!” Ratliff said. “All we need is a little support, some luck, and a whole lot of powdered sugar.”



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Willow Springs Water Park to Reopen as Willow Springs Winter Wonderland