Three Women Arrested for Public Urination at Target While Waiting for Black Friday Opening

Little Rock — Three women were arrested Thursday night outside the Midtown Target location for public urination. The women were waiting in line for the store to open for black Friday sales.

Police were called to investigate after guests in line began complaining about a strong urine odor. Upon investigating the three women were discovered wearing adult diapers that they soiled multiple times while waiting in line.

“It smelled like a dirty bathroom,” Little Rock resident Jill Alexander, who was in line next to the group, tells us. “They said they were wearing the diapers to keep from having to use the bathroom while they shop. It looked like they were slipping old diapers off and putting new ones on under their dresses.”

The women were taken into custody around 7:30 p.m. and held for four hours before being released.  The women, who were all from the small south east Arkansas town of Pansy, were released with a warning and a signed statement to only urinate in restrooms as they continued their shopping night that included a number of additional stops. Police are not releasing their names at this time.

“We see a number of incidents like this every year when people come from out of town and try to do as much shopping as possible in a short period of time,” a LRPD spokesperson tells us. “Last year we had people trying to cook lunch on a display grill, the year before that we had someone try to shop at Walmart on a motorcycle. It is always something.”

LRPD says that there have been fewer violent incidents this year than normal at retailers. The worst coming this morning when two men argued over a 75% off turkey baster. One of the men is in recovery at UAMS after having the other man attempted to use the baster on him.



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Three Women Arrested for Public Urination at Target While Waiting for Black Friday Opening