One Year of Rock City Times. How You Have Made Society a Better Place

Over the past year you have regularly seen crazy, ridiculous, and unreliable stories in this spot. In fact this month marks exactly a year since we began bringing (almost) daily fake news stories to you.

I wanted to take a slight pause in the insanity and thank each and every one of you who have read and shared our stories over the past year. You have built us up to what we are today, it is nothing on our part. If we wrote stories that no one read, shared, commented, and liked we would have shut the doors a long time ago.

I believe strongly that entertainment and humor are foundations for a vibrant society. I am a bit of a geek, so pardon me for a second while I go off on that. If you ever explore Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs you will see where I am coming from. You first have to take care of just being alive, then you move to security, friendship, self-esteem/respect for others, and finally to self-actualization.

In a society we hope that we meet those first two categories. I find that regular news brings us fulfillment of safety (or sometimes lack of) by reporting what is going on in the community. Occasionally with a feature piece it will bring us a better sense of esteem and respect for others.

For a society to reach a full potential a level of self actualization must be obtained. I believe this is where things like the arts come into play. Creativity, the absence of prejudice, and entertainment play a key role in this.

That really is where I like Rock City Times, and our sister publication Rock City Eats, to sit. We strive each and every day to be creative, explore art forms, and find simply enjoy their life. We do it in a way that attempts to pull people up from, say, not respecting others or respecting themselves into this next level.

The honest fault in this approach is when people have not began to explore self worth and respect for their fellow person. You can see this play out in people who get mad and offended that our stories are not real. I do not apologize for this in the least bit because I believe by moving the whole of society forward it will help those people as well.

The point of this is, that you as a reader and engaged person help advance this society that we live in. I believe there is no higher calling. By supporting us, other art forms like the Rep, and the fantastic Little Rock culinary movement that we highlight in Rock City eats you are creating a better society for us all to live in. You make a difference.

So from a year of Rock City Times, 6 months of Rock City Eats, and a lot more to come, I say thanks for supporting us and making a better society to live in.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled insanity.



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One Year of Rock City Times. How You Have Made Society a Better Place