5 year old Arkansas Girl Breaks World Record for Largest Deer Killed

Rock Springs, AR — A 5 year old Arkansas girl has broken the world record for the largest deer ever killed on the opening day of deer season. The deer scored 357-7/8 inches by a local Boone and Crocket (B&C) official.

The deer was killed this morning at 8:45 at a local deer club in Rock Springs Arkansas, north west of Monticello. The girl, who’s name has not been disclosed, was with her grandfather on the opening day of modern gun season. The grandfather fell asleep in his deer stand and was awakened to the gunfire.

“She wanted to go out with me for the deer hunt this morning, so I took her out with me,” the girl’s grandfather tells us. “She was playing with some barbies she carried with her in the bottom of the stand when I must have fallen asleep. Suddenly I heard a gunshot and immediately woke up. She was holding my gun and said “papaw, I got it”. I looked down and there was the biggest deer I had ever seen on the ground.”

The young girl tells us that she was putting her hair bow in the sleeping grandfather’s hair when she saw the deer. She attempted to wake her grandfather unsuccessfully. She then decided to try to shoot the deer herself. It took the two over 3 hours to remove the 400+ lbs deer. They immediately called a local official B&C measurer who scored the deer as a record 357-7/8 inches.

B&C says they have received the score sheet from the veteran official measurer. To make the record official they will need to view pictures and a video tape of the rack to confirm the buck was scored properly. Measuring a non-typical, particularly one of this size and caliber, can be a complicated process. B&C officials will review the tape before affirming the scoring process was correct, and the buck would still have to be panel-scored before an official proclamation can be made.

The young girl tells us she plans to keep the deer head and mount it inside her pink playhouse.



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5 year old Arkansas Girl Breaks World Record for Largest Deer Killed