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When I started Rock City Times back in 2012 I was working as a marketing and communications director. I had always been a political and news junkie, I loved the Daily Show, the Onion, SNL, and all things satire and comical takes on the news.

There was a group of news reporters at KARK in 2011 that got bored one day during the slow summer season and decided to make a spoof about the assignments they were getting. It leaked out (as things like this do) and they all absolutely got fired over it. In their career tragedy, however, it inspired me to start Rock City Times because I saw that maybe there was a space for local content in the satire form that I came to love.

Over the next several years Rock City Times became, for me anyway, a way to look at issues in the city and state, both big and small, and address them in a big public way through the lens of satire and humor. Regardless of if it were the ridiculous maze of passages under UAMS, the Razorbacks constant love hate relationship with their fans, or state politics, Rock City Times became a way for us to all look at something and laugh about it.

There were times we needed that laugh. Heck, there were times when I needed that laugh in writing it. In the process this little site has had millions of readers all across the globe. We have been featured, at some point, on hundreds of national and international news organizations. We even, ironically enough, came really close to signing a deal with KARK (the original inspiration) to do a weekly satire show.

Most importantly though, Rock City Times allowed me to plant a seed of what my real dream had always been. That is working to grow small businesses across this state. I was able to leverage Rock City Times to launch Rock City Eats along with several other ideas and make a huge impact in small businesses across the state, something I estimate to be around an $80 million boost over the past 7 years.

Ultimately the impact I make on others has always been more important to me than the impact I make on myself. Rock City Times always had the ability to be our bell cow in the media group, so to speak, but my heart was always on helping others. So over the past few years Rock City Times has fell dorment, and that brings us to today, with wanting to sell Rock City Times.

We have flirted with buyers before, including getting really close a few times. Rock City Times absolutely has the ability to generate revenue. At the peak here we were generating $8-10k per month in network ads, meaning advertising that comes from ad networks, not directly sold. Even then it was still part time and could have absolutely generated more. The site itself has gotten up to 2 million visitors in a month. We were running roundly $10 CPM (revenue generated per thousand visitors), do the math and it is something that can easily generate a return on any investment if you put time into it.

Why sell now? Two reasons. I have a big idea for what might be next for us and I’d love to use the sale of RCT to fund it. Secondly, as I said before, there are times when we can all use a little humor. I think this is one of those time periods and I want someone who can nurture and grow Rock City Times right now.

What do you get? Obviously the domain name, all past content (that still generates traffic), social media accounts, and I am willing to provide consulting to get you up and going for the first couple of months. Note, this does not include other digital properties such as Rock City Eats, although if you are interested we can certainly have a conversation.

How much? That is always the tricky point. Essentially we are willing to entertain any serious offer. I do have a minimum price I need to hit, but I want to open up for offers. If you are interested, fill out the form below and I will be in touch.



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Rock City Times for Sale