Arkansas Strong: Taking a Week to Help Disaster Victims

For over a year now we have come to you with fake news stories that we find funny to write. We believe in the collective power of humor to raise up a community of people, that is our mission. Sometimes humor is not the appropriate vehicle.

Sometimes we need a little inspiration that things can move on. That there are caring, passionate people out there in our community. Sometimes a laugh can wait, but a hug and a cry is what we really need.

This week we are going to do our best to bring stories related to the tornado disaster impacting our state. We want to tell a slightly different story than the mainstream media. Mostly because that is our way of doing things. If you are impacted by the tornado or helping with relief efforts and want to share our story, my personal email address is, please use it.

During any major disaster, the local media in the area sees an increase in overall traffic and viewers. I can not say for a fact it will be the same with us, since we are a bit “alternative”. Regardless it is the friends and families of our community who are directly impacted by this storm. Because of that we will donate any profits made from advertising to support relief efforts in Arkansas.

Most weeks we do not make a fortune here, but even if we do it is all going to support. No one should profit from this type of tragedy, we firmly believe that. We are encouraging our friends and partners in local media to do the same.

Here are a handful of efforts I am aware of that are supporting relief right now in the tornado area, please consider donating as well. If you know of others, again please contact me, my personal email is above:

Arkansas Red Cross

Arkansas Dream Center

Arkansas Food Bank

One Inc/The Van

Mayflower/Vilonia Aid

Arkansas Baptist State Convention

Arkansas Methodist Disaster Relief Fund

Midwest Tornado Response – Convoy of Hope


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Arkansas Strong: Taking a Week to Help Disaster Victims