Arkansas to Become Second State to Pay College Athletes

In an unprecedented move, Arkansas will become the second state to pay college athletes from California for their likeness.

The move comes after California passed a bill today that would allow college athletes to receive compensation from their likeness. The University of Arkansas Athletic Department passed a bill in response that would also grant payments to California players when playing any Arkansas Razorback team.

“We just wrote a big ‘ole check to the San Jose State University to come here and let us beat them, “Arkansas Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek said in a press conference. “Unfortunately it is not always in the best interests of the unpaid college athletes to follow through with that and lose the game. So we figured we could slip them a little green next time to incentivize losing.”

Yurachek was quick to state that the payment was not a bribe to lose, rather a “redistribution of previously agreed upon funds in a way that better benefits the players.”

Arkansas currently does not have a scheduling agreement in place with any other California-based non-power 5 teams. Yurachek said with the new move they are looking to quickly add California opponents for open slots in 2020 as well as years 2023 and beyond. He hopes to play at least 1-2 California teams per year until the Razorbacks can easily win the games without someone being paid to lose. Targeted opponents include a rematch with San Jose State, San Diego State, Sacramento State, Cal Poly, and the NCAA Division III Claremont-Mudd-Scribbs College Stags.

“Look, sometimes you build a great team that can dominate any opponent. Then sometimes you need to pay a guy to take a fall because your QB throws 5 interceptions. We just want to keep our options open,” Razorback head coach Chad Morris says. “We fully believe athletes should get paid for their time representing the university. Especially if you can get called for pass interference on 3rd and 24 or fumble the ball in the red zone while representing that university while they are competing against us. I see no harm in having a few Benjamins in your pocket after doing so.”

When asked if the University planned to pay their own athletes for using their likeness at as a Razorback Yurachek said: “yes, as soon as we catch up on making payments for the coaches we fire.”


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Arkansas to Become Second State to Pay College Athletes