To Compete with Big Orange Midtown opening, McDonalds Promises Multiple Monopoly Winners and New Menu Items


McDonalds today announced that they will guarantee at least 5 million dollar Monopoly game winner from their Little Rock location at Markham and University. The move comes in response to today’s opening of Big Orange Midtown, which sits across the street from the struggling McDonald’s location.

The Markham and University McDonalds location was originally built as a high end location to attract local shopping customers. The location has struggled since opening due to confusion over how to enter the location from University northbound lanes and Markham.

The new Big Orange location is expected to pull many of the shoppers from the area interested in burgers, causing many to fear that it would further cut into already struggling business for McDonalds. Because of the large investment into the high end location, McDonalds’ corporate marketing made the decision to promise a winner from the location to increase traffic during the Big Orange opening.

“We invested a large sum of money between deconstruction of the previous building and then construction of the new Little Rock Flagship store,” McDonald’s regional vice president David White tells us. “We simply could not allow Big Orange to come in and start a chain reaction that would lead to the complete and total destruction of McDonalds corporation.”

Big Orange opens their second location in the Midtowne shopping center today with a very large lunch crowd. McDonalds tells us that while the Monopoly promotion will offset some of the initial impact from the Big Orange opening, the long term survival may still be in jeopardy.

“We have run the numbers, with the investment we hold in the Markham and University location we would be forced to close at least 2 other area locations,” White tells us. “If that happens we would end up losing much of our footprint in Arkansas over the next 3 years. From there we project it will rapidly expand to surrounding markets. We project just as a result of Big Orange Midtown’s opening that McDonald’s could be gone in 10 years. That is why we are willing to invest millions into this location.”

Sources tell us that McDonalds is set to introduce a number of new premium menu items later this fall including a pesto turkey burger and truffle fries. Big Orange meanwhile has continued their refusal to introduce a Big Mac competitor.



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To Compete with Big Orange Midtown opening, McDonalds Promises Multiple Monopoly Winners and New Menu Items