Burns Park Quarantined as Air Force Investigates Giant Fireball Seen Over Little Rock

NORTH LITTLE ROCK – Air Force personnel have set a temporary quarantine area around portions of Burns Park this morning after a giant fireball was observed crashing into the area.

A number of local residents reported seeing the fireball around 6 p.m. Sunday night including some local meteorologist who were able to track the object on radar.

Several witnesses saw the object land in the vicinity of Burns Park prompting an investigation by personnel from nearby Little Rock Air Force Base.

“At this time we have no comments about the object. Burns Park will remain closed while we conduct our investigation,” Air Force spokesperson Peter Coyote tells us. “It is likely nothing to be concerned about.We are, however, asking area residents to report any suspicious behavior from animals or children immediately to Air Force representatives.”

Despite reassurance from the Air Force, the incident mysterious fireball has local residents concerned. Many locals believe that the fireball could be the result of a downed alien craft.

“I got out to walk my dog early this morning before they set up the parameter. I think I saw one of those UFOs by the old covered bridge,” North Little Rock resident Russell Casse tells us. “I have seen them hovering around this area before. They want to probe us and take advantage of our new healthcare system. Thanks a lot Obama, if my wife is anal probed I am going to be pissed.”

Both candidates for governor Mike Ross and Asa Hutchinson have released statements this morning saying they will fight to protect healthcare privileges in Arkansas to only earth-born residents of Arkansas. State Senator Jason Rapert additionally released a statement saying introduce legislation this spring to prevent abortions from pregnancies caused from probing.

In a related note a recent Rock City Times poll shows that 99.5% of potential voters say they would rather be anal probed than sit through another month of election commercials.


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Burns Park Quarantined as Air Force Investigates Giant Fireball Seen Over Little Rock