Chad Morris Recovering in Hospital Following Locker Room Fire

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark — University of Arkansas announced tonight that head coach Chad Morris is recovering in Washington Regional Hospital following a locker room fire after the game.

Players and coaches confirmed that Morris started the fire after “looking for a spark” following the game. Morris appeared to stick a spork in an electrical socket stating “I’ll just find the spark here”. The fire immediately spread to the surrounding carpet and eventually setting his pants on fire.

“Chad is always looking for a spark to get the team going. He was never able to find find it during the game,” offensive coordinator Joe Craddock when asked about the accident. “He grabbed a fork or something from a table and shoved it into the electrical outlet saying he needed to find that spark for the next game. It was all very confusing because Chavis did the same thing last week and nothing happened.”

Morris was immediately rushed to nearby Washington Regional Medical Center where they say he will be held in recovery and any injuries will likely be fixed overnight.

Following the incident, there was confusion from members of the media who thought Morris had been fired instead of caught on fire. Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek attempted to clear up any confusion.

“Chad Morris suffered a tremendous accident both on and off the field today,” Yurachek stated. “We alerted staff and players who had already left the building that he was caught on fire, naturally that was misconstrued for being fired after the performance. Not saying he isn’t fired, he might be, but he was caught on fire.”

Several eyewitnesses state that the fire would have been much worse if not for former quarterback Ty Storey. Storey allegedly went to visit his former coach following the game, saw the beginning of the fire, and immediately doused Morris with a Pepsi from the concession stand putting out any fire the Razorbacks or their coach might have had.


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Chad Morris Recovering in Hospital Following Locker Room Fire