Chinese Lunar Probe Finds No Evidence American Astronauts Landed on the Moon

Beijing, China — The Chinese unmanned lunar probe, Chang’e 3, made a successful landing on the moon this morning (12/14/2013) according to China state media. Initial images from the lunar rover show no evidence of any American manned moon landings.

The Chinese landing is the first  lunar mission since 1976, and the first country to land other than the US and USSR.

“We immediately wanted to take the rover and see the moon landing area,” Chen Qiufa, director of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), tells us. “To celebrate the occasion we broadcasted the journey to the American moon landing site on China Central Television (CCTV). Everyone was astonished when the rover arrived. There was no evidence of the moon landing. We even checked and double checked the coordinates just to make sure we were at the right place.”

Images from the rover showed none of the American flags planted on the moon, manned lunar rovers, tools, or other items that were documented to remain from the manned space missions.

Earlier this month NASA requested China to postpone the moon landing. NASA expressed concerns that it would disrupt their ongoing survey monitoring how dust moves on the moon.

“We found it initially suspicious when they expressed a great deal of concern over their dust survey,” Qiufa said. “The lack of atmosphere on the moon ensures that, unless impacted, the dust does not move. You might as well watch grass grow in the Gobi desert or Tibet attain their freedom. It is simply not going to happen. Now we find it was to prevent us from discovering the American manned moon landings were indeed faked.”

Chinese space officials announced that they did, however, find a previously unknown, actively inhabited man made outpost that they are observing. Video evidence appears to show two males resembling Elvis Presley and Tupac Shakur both alive and living on the moon. China says they will continue to monitor the area for further evidence.

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Chinese Lunar Probe Finds No Evidence American Astronauts Landed on the Moon