Clinton, Bush, and Blair Form Rock Band After Being Trapped in Central High Basement

LITTLE ROCK Ark — A unique bond emerged after a tornado rolled through Little Rock, forcing former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to seek refuge inside the basement of Central High School.

Extensive damage to the auditorium required the former world leaders to remain in the basement for an extended period of time while the condition of the building was surveyed by secret service personnel. During the two hour hold the three decided to form a Nickelback tribute band.

“Dubs and I were sitting around naming bands that we miss. I said that I know they are not the most popular, but I really miss Nickelback,” Clinton told us in the band’s first official press conference. “Tony, who had been previously crying in the corner, emerged with a big smile on his face. The Nickelback band was formed.”

The initial plans are for Clinton to be on sax and guitar, Bush to play drums and cowbell, and Blair to handle the lead singing. They describe the style as a “Scottish twist on the greatest American Band”.

They plan to begin tour immediately, possibly making stops at both national political conventions before beginning the European leg of the tour. The band has reached out to the newly unemployed Ken Starr to handle band management.

“We are still kicking around names for the band. Tony wants us to go with ShillingBack, but I had to Google what a Shilling actually is. Billy wanted Nickelbutt or Humpback, but we couldn’t get Ken Starr to agree to be our manager with that,” Bush says. “I am kind of a fan of Miller Lite Back, but every one tells me that doesn’t make any sense.”

For those who want the first look at the new band, they will play Saturday night at South on Main. Cover is $10 and the band is scheduled to start at 5. Doors officially open at 7 when Clinton will realistically show up.


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Clinton, Bush, and Blair Form Rock Band After Being Trapped in Central High Basement