New Dogpatch USA Owner Announces Plans To Open Nude Theme Park on Property

The remainder of the property that contains the ruins of the once-bustling theme park known as Dogpatch has been purchased for $2 million, according to property records filed with the Newton County Assessor’s Office.

The man who bought the property, Charles “Bud” Pelsor, is a multimillion-dollar entrepreneur and inventor of the “Buddy Bowl” spill proof water bowl for dogs, according to his company’s website. 

Pelsor said he plans on turning the property into a theme park once more, but not the original Dogpatch theme park. Instead, he said he plans to launch the first-ever nude theme park near scenic Jasper, Ark.

“I was a huge fan of Dogpatch as a kid, but one of the problems of the original park, in my opinion, was that everybody was required to wear clothing. If you’re going to have a water park, people should be able to swim nude, as God intended,” Pelsor said.

The plans were filed with the Jasper City Council and unanimously approved on July 27 at their 8 p.m. monthly meeting, officials said.

Citizens in Jasper were fairly positive about the news.

Jennifer Ansley, owner of a laundromat in Jasper, said, “I think it’ll be a good way for kids to have fun during the summer. Plus, kids today see worse things on the Internet. They won’t see anything at the park they haven’t already seen.”

Gov. Mike Beebe hasn’t signed off on the idea yet, though. Arkansas legislators are set to convene in an emergency session to decide whether or not to allow the theme park to move forward.

Rep. Greg Leding, D-Fayetteville, suggested using spare funds from the state’s leftover 2013 budget to pay for privacy screens that would be placed along Scenic Highway 7, so drivers wouldn’t potentially get distracted and wreck their vehicles.

Sen. Jason Rapert, R-Conway, tweeted that he is opposed to the entire theme park, saying, “This is a very bad decision for Arkansas, and our children will suffer because of it. It is just unnatural to be that naked. #StopTheNude”

The final approval for the theme park will be decided during the emergency session of the Arkansas legislative body in Oct.

Pelsor said he plans to bring nude blow-up dolls to the Arkansas capitol building as a sign of protest to any opposition he’ll receive from state politicians.



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New Dogpatch USA Owner Announces Plans To Open Nude Theme Park on Property