Fayetteville Celebrates Grand Opening of Shakerz, a Zumba Exercise Studio with Spectator Seating

FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. — Last week the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce proudly announced the opening of Shakerz, a Zumba exercise studio that offers late-night classes and a unique seating area for spectators over the age of 18.

Zumba is a wildly popular fusion of dance styles that has recently swept the nation as an exercise phenomenon. Shakerz owner Jesse Krupp said he recognized the community’s need for a studio like his, which combines the exhilarating thrill of a workout with overwhelming support from audience members who have paid a small admission fee.

“We’re expecting pretty big crowds, because people love watching other people get in shape–it’s exactly like ‘The Biggest Loser,'” Krupp said.

He added that the workout area was built with safety in mind. “We’ve installed the standard Zumba equipment–padded platforms, cages, vertical support poles, fog machines and great lighting–to ensure that our participants don’t have to worry about injuries of any sort.”

The studio has scheduled themed exercise sessions to celebrate its first few weeks of business. Much-anticipated promotional events like “Glitter-palooza” and “Midnight Twerk-a-Thon” are designed to attract local residents who are interested in dancing their way to a new body.

“Shakerz Zumba classes are for anybody who wants to look and feel great!” Krupp said. “We do, however, reserve the right to restrict studio membership based on gender, age, body type, hair color, cup size, level of flexibility and relationship status.”

Brittany Barnse, a student at the University of Arkansas, said she is excited to become part of the vibrant fitness community. “Jesse works hard to create a really fun atmosphere,” Barnse said. “All the girls get cute nicknames that are used during classes–mine is ‘Honey Bunz.’ It’s funny because there’s a ‘z’ at the end of my name and one at the end of the studio’s name!”


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Fayetteville Celebrates Grand Opening of Shakerz, a Zumba Exercise Studio with Spectator Seating