Geologists Warn of Impending Volcanic Eruption from Pinnacle Mountain

LITTLE ROCK — The US Geological Survey (USGS) issued a warning for residents of Central Arkansas and surrounding areas of an imminent volcanic threat coming from Pinnacle Mountain in Pulaski County Arkansas.

USGS officials say they have found conclusive evidence following recent surveys of the area that Pinnacle is experiencing volcanic activity. The mountain is now re-classified as an active volcano which will produce a significant eruption soon.

“We started research of the area last year and were startled at what the tests recently showed,” USGS spokesperson Helen Pike tells us. “Time to consider evacuation plans if you are in the Little Rock metro area. This will be a very violent volcano.

Geological studies show that Pinnacle Mountain was formed following a series of volcanic activity 32 million years ago. Pinnacle sits atop a previously dormant fault line that is a branch of the larger New Madrid fault. The fault line became reactivated after natural gas fracking, leading to a series of earthquakes in central Arkansas over the past 5 years.

Despite the warning many residents say they have no plans to evacuate.

“Hell, they have been telling us Little Rock was dangerous since then 90’s,” Little Rock resident Marcus Griffin tells us. “About time we did something to earn that most dangerous city ranking, even then we are still over rated in that category. I would take a volcano over South Memphis any day.”

University of Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long released a statement canceling all future Little Rock games, including the game this season against Georgia. In the statement Long said “We don’t believe the mountain is actually a volcano, we just needed a halfway plausible excuse to cancel the games.”



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Geologists Warn of Impending Volcanic Eruption from Pinnacle Mountain