Governor Beebe Begins Moving Out of Governor’s Mansion, Steals All the Doors

Outgoing Governor Mike Beebe began the process of moving personal items from the Arkansas Governor’s mansion today as a part of the transition to incoming Governor Asa Hutchinson which takes place on Wednesday.

Governor’s mansion grounds keepers say that along with a large number of personal items, Beebe appears to have taken all of the exterior doors leading into the mansion. The discovery was made after the first shipping truck departed this morning.

“We saw him unhinge one, but we just assumed it was for the sofa being moved out,” groundskeeper George Wilson tells us. “Then we went around front and saw that the front door also was missing. He just waved and smiled when we asked him about taking them.”

Grounds keepers say Hutchinson will have to live without doors on the residence for up to 2 months while new doors are ordered and replaced. The Governor’s mansion is on the National Register of Historic Places, the standing on which requires any external renovations to the house to keep with the original styling. Replacement doors require a custom order.

Governor Beebe plans to return to his private residence in Searcy following today’s transition. Beebe says he has plans for all the doors, including using what was the front door of the Mansion on his tool shed.

“I walked through those doors every day for the past eight years, the have a certain special meaning to me. So now any time I go and grab one of my 187 gold plated shoves from various ground breaking events to dig in the garden, I can think of my time as governor,” Beebe tells us. “If they are mad about that, wait until they realize that I took the toilet from the master bathroom. We had a lot of bonding time over the past years, no way I was going to let ole Theodore stay behind.”

Governor-elect Hutchinson says he is not worried about the missing items. “I have several houses that I list as a residence, I’ll just pull any needed items that Beebe decided to hang onto from one of them,” Hutchinson tells us.



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Governor Beebe Begins Moving Out of Governor’s Mansion, Steals All the Doors