Highway Department Excited to Hear Public Feedback on I-30 Widening

LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) says that they are excited and inspired following last night’s public hearing on the widening of I-30 in downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock.

The meeting was held last night at Friendly Chapel Church of the Nazarene in North Little Rock and was attended by over 100 concerned citizens who shared their concerns about the impact widening the Interstate to 10 lanes would have on the growth of downtown.

“We love being able to get feedback from our concerned citizens,”¬†AHTD Director Scott Bennett says. “We love to take each one of those very thoughtful ideas and print them out on little pieces of paper. Then we chew those up into carefully crafted spitballs and shoot them through straws at each other in an epic spitball battle. It really is a great team building exercise and shows that we put the public’s ideas to good use.”

Bennett says that overall moral at the highway department has been lacking due to the unusually long stretch at ignoring the public feedback. It has been more than two years since the Broadway Bridge hearing, which resulted in the last major team building exercise.

When asked if AHTD had any plans of actually considering the ideas, Bennett said that was not likely.

“We are going to nod our head nicely and then do whatever the hell we want,” Bennett continues. “In fact, we have already swapped out the toilet paper in all the top floor bathrooms to contain Representative Sabin’s full statement against the widening on pillowy soft 4-ply tp.”

AHTD says they will setup a comment box at the headquarters around back attached to the dumpster for any additional thoughts and ideas concerning the widening project.


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Highway Department Excited to Hear Public Feedback on I-30 Widening