Little Rock Airport Renamed Along with Key Services Areas to Commemorate the Clintons

Little Rock National Airport announced today that it will be renamed the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. Officials are also renaming other key service areas of the Airport to commemorate the Clintons. One of those changes is plans to move forward with a previously planned FTA baggage drop system that utilizes a conveyor belt behind the ticket counters to speed up service.

Airport officials tell us the new baggage system will named the Lewinsky baggage drop. “We feel naming the baggage drop system symbolizes the Clinton’s struggles by dropping off some of your excess baggage for someone else to deal with,” Airport spokesperson Kari Strong tells us.

Clinton’s favorite Little Rock area restaurant, Doe’s Eat Place, will also be making the move to the newly renamed airport. It will move into the Ouachita landing restaurant and even feature the famous backroom accessible only through the kitchen.

Other changes coming to Clinton National Airport include the Al Gore wireless internet hotspot, the Socks and Buddy pet boarding, the Bob Dole smoking courtyard, It Takes a Village lost and found center, and the NAFTA customs check. These changes are all expected to go into place over the next couple of months along with new signage at the airport. The Airport’s call letters “LIT” are expected to remain the same.

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Little Rock Airport Renamed Along with Key Services Areas to Commemorate the Clintons