Little Rock School District Closed for the Remainder of the Week Due to Inclement Weather

The Little Rock School District will remain closed for the rest of the week following the winter storm earlier this week. Students are to continue to use Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) packets until school resumes.

The decision comes following continued freezing conditions around the city, and in part to parents desires to keep children at home.

“We have been monitoring parent feedback today, and it is clear that they are not ready to send their kids to school today,” district spokesperson Samela Pith tells us. “We have not actually looked outside to check the road conditions, but they must still be in bad shape. We are aware that several other schools and organizations rely on the district’s decision on weather closings, we encourage those organizations to also remain closed for the safety of everyone involved.”

This comes after the district received criticism for not making a decision to close until early Tuesday morning even though multiple surrounding districts made the decision as soon as it was clear the weather system would cause poor road conditions.

Parents were again seen complaining about the district’s decision to remain closed on Wednesday, despite overall improved conditions on Little Rock area streets. School district representatives insist the decision to remained closed is in no way in retaliation to ongoing complaints by parents.

“Honestly we had NO idea parents were unhappy with the recent weather related decisions,” district superintendent Rich says sarcastically. “We will be sure to look closer at parent desires when we make the decision to reopen. We wouldn’t want to inconvenience anyone.”

Temperatures are expected to exceed 60° over the weekend. Despite this, the school district says they will re-evaluate the road conditions on Sunday and will decide at that time if they will return to school next week or send more Alternative Method of Instruction packets via email.


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Little Rock School District Closed for the Remainder of the Week Due to Inclement Weather