Local Bartender Announces New Premium Honey Whiskey Distillery

Renowned Little Rock bartender Lee Edwards today unveiled plans for a new whiskey distillery in Little Rock focused on premium honey bourbon whiskey.

The new distillery, Rolled Rim Distillery, will be the second distillery in Little Rock. Rock Town Distillery opened in 2010, producing whiskey along with gin and vodka. Edwards says his distillery though will remain tightly focused on whiskey.

“For years I have wanted to refine the craft of honey flavored whiskey,” Edwards tells us. “I truly love the taste and want to give back by advancing the overall product branch. I think it is time for me to leave my mark on the whiskey industry.”

Edwards plans to locally source the honey, corn and grains from a variety of local providers to create a product with strong Arkansas roots and tightly controlled quality.

“I’ve spent a great deal of time sampling local supplies,” Edwards continues. “I am especially fond of the honey that comes in the cute little bear bottles, I feel they produce the richest flavor. I plan to age the the whiskey for 8 months, just when the quality is perfect. Any longer and the taste really begins to decline.”

Edwards says he has worked out a number of partnerships with restaurants around town to carry the whiskey. The first will be his current bar position at Big Orange Midtown where he recently introduced the first ever Boone’s Farm wine on draft.


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Local Bartender Announces New Premium Honey Whiskey Distillery