Local Woman Arrested for Encouraging and Distributing Photos of Minors with Bacon


A local woman was arrested early this morning after encouraging people, including young children, to take photos of themselves (selfies) with bacon to be posted on the internet.

Megan Boyd was charged with soliciting minors to commit lewd and provocative acts, and distributing photos of minors committing lewd and provocative acts. Boyd began a Twitter account** and Tumblr blog titled “Bacon Selfies” **that encourages people to take pictures of themselves eating bacon. (** Warning, explicit images of people eating bacon)

“Ms. Boyd’s site features people doing things such as having a 3 way bacon eating, eating bacon with members of the same sex, mass bacon eating orgies, and eating bacon with animals. It is really disturbing,” LRPD spokesperson Cassandra Davis says. “While those are disturbing, what is truly horrific is that there are a number of photos of kids eating bacon, and even grownups eating bacon with children. Through our investigation we even saw people soliciting bacon photos with newborn children. We can not stand for this.”

Boyd began publishing photos around mid July, since then she has posted over 300 tweets, many containing bacon self photos, and hundreds of photos to her tumblr blog. Little Rock Police became aware of the situation in early August when a photo was posted of a young female toddler posing with bacon on public. LRPD says they wanted to move swiftly, but they needed to conduct a thorough investigation.

Boyd is facing 34 counts of solicitation and 27 counts of distributing the underaged bacon photos. In a statement Boyd says that she “Believes in the power of love between people and their bacon. It does not matter if they are old, young, together, with animals, in a group, or in public. The display of bacon affection must go on.”




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Local Woman Arrested for Encouraging and Distributing Photos of Minors with Bacon