Monthly Burger: Leo’s Greek Castle


Once a month a group of us get together for burgers and political chat at the Little Rock Burger Caucus. I’ll be looking at the burgers in question each month here. The group has been going for close to 2 years so there will be some catch up and re-reviews during off months.

This month we ventured out to Leo’s Greek Castle, a Hillcrest staple for over 60 years. Leo’s recently changed ownership and have been working on refining their menu. A big part of that is moving to a higher quality burger, and while I have always stuck to the Greek part of the menu, others who have tried before and after say it is a very dramatic improvement.

If you have never been to Leo’s before it is very much a dive shop along the lines of an old country dairy bar. Seating inside probably tops out at 15, with room for another 10 or so outside. The place fills up quickly, so unless you want to brave the Rock City heat I suggest getting here early.

Leo’s offers a handful of burger selections, mostly in the form of single or double patty. They have the standard options of bacon and toppings. They do offer a California Burger with fresh avocado and a veggie burger. I personally went with the double Leo’s Burger.

The burger itself was a good quality meat. A decent blend of grease and meat that could have been slightly more sloppy on the grease side. I did notice that one member of our group who showed up late seemed to have a better blend once the grill really got going (ours were the first off of the day). The patty was lightly seasoned and had an overall good taste. They could have been slightly more seasoned, but were not unflavored. The cheese was well melted with the burger which is a requirement for any good burger. The buns were of good quality, lightly buttered, and fresh.

Overall it was a good burger, and makes a great option for the area. I think they could easily go from being just a good burger to a great burger. I would love to see them play on the greek history of the shop and experiment with the burgers a little more. I’d love to see a greek seasoned burger, tzatziki or baba ganoush sauce options, or possibly a lamb burger. Things like this would take it from being an area option to a truly unique burger.

Leo’s is well worth the visit. I’ll give it 7/10. Don’t forget to check out their other options (I hear they have great falafels) as well.




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Monthly Burger: Leo’s Greek Castle