Police Advising Citizens to be on Alert for Serial Killer Stray Cat Suspected of Killing at Least 78 People


The Little Rock Police Department today issued a warning to citizens to be on the lookout for a stray cat that suspected of killing at least 78 people over the past 4 years.

The LRPD have been tracking a number of seemingly unrelated, but unexplained, deaths since March 2009. The unexplained deaths have increased each year, with at least 27 this year so far. The crime scene often contains no physical evidence and no link between the victims.

Last week 87-year-old Gene Smith was found dead in his Briarwood home. Police determined the cause of death to be poison in his denture cream. When interviewing family and neighbors several made comments about how happy he was the last week of his death after taking in a stray cat.

This led investigators to further examine the mysterious deaths over the last several years and in almost every case the victims have posted photos to facebook, tweets, or told friends about taking in a cat matching the same description.

“It appears the cat, which for what it is worth is quite cute, targets victims by appearing near their doors and purring loudly,” a Little Rock Police spokesperson tells us. “Once inside the house the cat typically waits anywhere from 4-6 days before killing a victim, or at times even a whole household. The cat appears to use a variety of methods from the typical suffocation, strangulation, electrocution, all the way to the bizarre such as one family beat to death with a rubber mouse.”

Police are asking anyone who sees the cat to immediately contact 911 and avoid contact. Police are also advising local cat owners to keep their pets inside for the time being, they believe the murderous cat may attempt to influence other cats in the area to participate in the killings.

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Police Advising Citizens to be on Alert for Serial Killer Stray Cat Suspected of Killing at Least 78 People