Riverfest Accidentally Adds Modern Music Acts, Reschedules Them For 2023

Image courtesy of Arkansas Riverfest

Arkansas Riverfest today released its 2013 music lineup. Present in that lineup were 3 modern bands added by error that the festival is looking to rebook in 2023. The erroneous music acts include Daughtry, Cody Belew, and Lupe Fiasco. They are working quickly to correct the error and will rerelease the music announcement by the end of the week with three bands from the 1980’s.

Riverfest, which bills itself as “your high school radio come to life”, works every year to bring music from the youth of various generations to Little Rock over memorial weekend. With the key demographics changing the festival has moved from primarily adding bands from the 1980’s to bands from the 1990’s. Key 90’s bands this year include Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish, Bush, Dierks Bentley, Sugar Ray, and Rodney Adkins. In an effort to appeal to those who grew up in the decades between 1960 and 1980 the festival also added Peter Frampton.

“It is obvious from looking at the list that we simply made a few errors. Occasionally someone slips in that no one at the festival knows, so we assume by the name the 1990’s,” a Riverfest spokesperson tells us. “We believed for instance Lupe Fiasco was a rege band who took their name from the devastation caused to Guadeloupe from a 1989 Hurricane. Honest mistake, we will be much more careful in the future.”

The festival has told us that potential replacements to the three acts are Hank Williams Jr, Sting, and Hologram Tupac. As for the three acts mistakenly scheduled, Riverfest officials have issued a promise to book them for the 2023 music festival where they can be properly enjoyed.

We will update this story when the three new acts are confirmed.


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Riverfest Accidentally Adds Modern Music Acts, Reschedules Them For 2023