State Department Documents Show Leslie Rutledge is no Longer a US Citizen

The State Department today released documents showing that Arkansas Attorney General candidate Leslie Rutledge transferred her citizenship to Canada in 2009 following the election of Barak Obama.

According to state election officials the discovery means that not only can Rutledge not hold office, but may also face deportation given her illegal residency status.

“We have countless documentation across social media where Rutledge said she would move to Canada if Obama was elected in 2008,” Pulaski County Clerk Larry Crane tells us. “We didn’t think there was a chance she actually did it, but we thought she would be smart enough not to leave her voting registration in DC as well. So I asked the State Department to investigate. I was shocked to find she actually became a Canadian citizen and never moved her citizenship back.”

Last month voting records showed Rutledge was no longer registered to vote in Arkansas after moving her voting registration to DC. The matter was further complicated after Rutledge voted in an Arkansas election shortly after moving her registration. 

In response to citizenship claims, Rutledge says she never realized the request for citizenship was completed. “Sure, in a drunken haze after inauguration I flew to Toronto filled out the paperwork, checked the box that said ‘yes I want to transfer my citizenship’, and was then issued a citizenship card. But it was all so confusing. I didn’t believe it really made me a citizen of Canada.”

The Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA), who also represent Rutledge in the voting fraud claims, say that recent claims against Rutledge are unfair and unconstitutional.

“To deny an upstanding citizen, albeit illegal citizen, who has contributed positively to society basic American rights is absurd,” RNLA spokesperson Will Graham says. “The fact is that it is a clear and unmistakable attempt at the most harmful kind of candidate suppression and potentially in violation of federal law. Removing a qualified female candidate from running for office and citizenship notwithstanding her votes in the last 4 elections is in violation of her civil rights. Democrats should be embarrassed.”

Canadian officials say that if citizenship claims are true Rutledge will be required to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as a result of her actions and her expertise with guns.


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State Department Documents Show Leslie Rutledge is no Longer a US Citizen