Supreme Court Justices Unveil a Very Cute Scrapbook Commemorating Their Hobby Lobby Verdict

The nine Supreme Court justices who issued Monday’s hot-button ruling that Hobby Lobby is not required to provide its employees with access to certain contraceptives may have disagreed on the verdict, but they unanimously supported the idea of commemorating the case with “a very cute scrapbook.”

The completed scrapbook contains more than 50 pages filled with scraps of paper gathered from the Supreme Court’s deliberation room. These include ballots, printed Wikipedia articles about birth control, illustrations torn from a preteen book titled “Understanding Your Changing Body,” Cosmopolitan magazine articles, tic-tac-toe games, World Cup brackets, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” movie ticket stubs, and McDonald’s receipts.

Justice Samuel Alito was one of three members of the court who scrapbooked around the clock while the remaining six discussed the case.

“A great deal of lively debate took place over the past few days,” Alito said. “Sotomayor wanted a gloss finish for the cover. Gloss. I told her, ‘We aren’t putting together some cheesy photo album of your grandchildren.’ Naturally, we ended up going with a much more elegant matte finish.”

The justices declined to comment on exactly how many of the scrapbooking supplies were purchased from Hobby Lobby, but it is widely rumored within the judicial crafting community that at least sequins, glitter, and glue sticks were bought from the retailer.

President Barack Obama wasn’t pleased with the outcome of the case, although he was very impressed by the creativity displayed by the justices.

“This is a true indication of what can be done when Americans work together — something that we can be proud of,” Obama said. “Did you see that gorgeous matte finish? Very classy.”


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Supreme Court Justices Unveil a Very Cute Scrapbook Commemorating Their Hobby Lobby Verdict