Texas Bowl Officials Admit Misspelling on Endzone for Tonight’s Game

HOUSTON, TX – Officials with the AdvoCare V100 Texas acknowledged today that a critical spelling error was made on the University of Texas’ endzone for tonight’s bowl game versus the University of Arkansas.

The spelling error features an additional ‘S’ on the end of the word ‘Texas’. Officials say there is no time to order a new section of turf to replace the field in NRG Stadium. NRG Stadium, also the home of the Houston Texans, uses artificial turf that requires new graphic sections to be ordered a minimum of 6 days ahead of time.

“The Texans played last night, so we never fully checked the end zone turf until early this morning,” NRG Stadium grounds keeper Randy Hankins tells us. “We just glanced at it, saw that it was orange and started with the letter ‘T’. I can’t imagine the university is going to be happy about running in for a touchdown with it saying Tex-ass.”

The error on the turf appears to come from a Dallas based company, Lone Star Turf. Lone Star Turf makes artificial turfs designed to resist wear and repels most elements. NRG Stadium grounds crew say because of the durability of the turf, options are limited for correction. “We can’t paint over the extra S, no way we can just rub if off either. We even tried pulling out the blades but that didn’t work,” Hankins says.

Officials say the current options are to stretch out a matching burnt orange cloth across the extra ‘S’ while the end zone is not in use, or sew an extra ‘S’ on the team’s uniform to match the misspelling.

Texas head coach Charlie Strong however is not convinced.

“We have considerable evidence to suggest that coach Bielema is behind the spelling error,” Strong says. “I believe he paid off the firm to include the misprint. So this morning I went through and had all the bowl programs reprinted on my own dime to change his name to “Bert”. In addition we have hired a hacker group out of North Korea to do the same on all instances of his name across the internet.”



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Texas Bowl Officials Admit Misspelling on Endzone for Tonight’s Game