Woman Charged With Stealing $300 in Cupcakes Due to Lent

A local woman is charged with breaking and entering in order to steal over $300 in cupcakes and other dessert items from Sweet Love Bakery in the Cantrell Heights Shopping center on Cantrell Road.

Police did issue a statement about the nature of the crime. The woman was participating in the Christian tradition of Lent where individuals give up a desired item for 40 days. The woman reportedly gave up sweets as a part of this religious observance. After a night of dining with her family at neighboring Taziki’s the woman passed by Sweet Love Bakery on her way to her car. Sweet Love owner Kelli Marks had just closed the store and was moving unsold cupcakes to the back when the woman bust through the store glass.

“She was completely enraged,” Marks told us. “She at first tried to eat one of our display cakes, but when she found it was Styrofoam she attacked me and took a plate of Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes I was holding.”

Marks was uninjured in the robbery, and promptly called 911 after the attack. The woman proceeded to grab large quantities of cupcakes, pies, and partially made cakes from the front of the store as well as the storage refrigerator in the back. The woman reportedly stuck her face in a freshly made bowl of icing before running through the rear door.

Authorities were able to follow the trail of pink icing to a wooded area behind the shopping center. They found the woman who had consumed the majority of the stolen items unconscious against a tree. The Little Rock Police Department has chosen not to reveal the identity of the individual until charges are formally filled.


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Woman Charged With Stealing $300 in Cupcakes Due to Lent