876 People Arrested in El Dorado Grocery Store after Fight Breaks out for Last Loaf of Bread in the State

El Dorado, AR — El Dorado Police arrested 876 people last night after a fight broke out at a local Grocery store over what is thought to be the last remaining loaf of bread for sale in the state. The coming ice storm is responsible for severe outages of staple food products across the state.

Police were called to the Brookshire’s Grocery store at 220 SW Ave in El Dorado around 8:30 last night when a large gathering of people began fighting with one another inside the store near the bread aisle. The people came from various parts of the state after word leaked through social media that the store had several loaves of bread and cartons of milk available for sale.

“It is absolutely crazy. People began flooding in from as far away as Fayetteville to stock up on our remaining items,” Cindy Robinson, a clerk working at Brookshire’s tells us. “We are not even suppose to get any of the winter weather. There seemed to be no increase in local traffic today. Then someone posted a picture of our bread aisle that was very well stocked on Facebook.”

Widespread outages of bread, milk, and eggs were being reported throughout the metro Little Rock, and North West Arkansas areas on Wednesday as a large ice storm was set to move into the state Thursday night. Residents began seeking non-impacted areas of the state to stock up for the storm.

“One of the people had over 20 loaves of bread and 16 dozen eggs loaded in her mini van that she collected from around the state,” El Dorado police officer Bruce Jenkins tells us. “Since there were so many people we had to lock them all up together in the El Dorado High School Gym until we can sort out the mess.”

El Dorado police say due to hazardous travel conditions across the state the 876 people will remain in lockup inside the gymnasium until Tuesday afternoon. Due to the vast amount of food collected by those arrested officer Jenkins tells us that they will be able to make enough french toast to feed the group without having to utilize local funding.



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876 People Arrested in El Dorado Grocery Store after Fight Breaks out for Last Loaf of Bread in the State