Angry Crowd Places Local Woman in Stockade Over Pastries


Hillcrest – An angry crowd descended on a local woman this morning after she preordered a large number of highly popular pastries from the Hillcrest farmer’s market. The crowd waited over an hour and a half, growing hungry and more angry, for the woman to show.

Zara Abbasi placed a large order for the very popular Kouign Amann (better known as KAs) pastries served from the Mylo Coffee company that sets up in the Hillcrest farmer’s market. The KA pastries have been sold out for multiple weeks in a row, likely accounting to the anger of the crowd.

“I was actually the very first person in line and they told me they were sold out,” local resident Amanda DiPippa tells us. “Luckily they found one that they had over looked and I was able to get it. Then a crazy woman came frantically offering me $100 for it, I told her no but offered half for $200. Without thinking she obliged, at that point I knew it was time to get off the street with my half of a KA.”

Abbasi was attacked upon arriving to collect her KA pastries. According to witnesses a man showed up with an old fashion stockade and mounted it to a nearby tree. The crowd placed Abbasi into the stockade and began calling for others to stone her. Many began throwing rocks and substitute pastries at Abbasi. A number of workers from a nearby pizza restaurant heard the commotion and mistakenly began throwing bags of marijuana instead of rocks.

“I am a little sore, some of the people hit me hard, Erin Robinson for instance threw a huge rock and hit me in the eye,” says Abbasi. “It was absolutely worth it though, these KAs are wonderful and I ate all 10 by myself.”

The crowd finally released Abbasi after two hours when crowds began to form around Kevin Shalin to get autographs.


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Angry Crowd Places Local Woman in Stockade Over Pastries