Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Introduces Open Bike Rider Hunting Season


The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) today introduced the long anticipated open bike rider hunting season for central Arkansas. The season will last from November 20th until December 1st, a second spring season will go from March 24th to May 2nd.

The new hunting season is an effort to control the surging bike rider population in the Little Rock metro area. According to AGFC new bike lanes and trails throughout the city have caused the riders to move from their natural habitats into the city.

“We have seen an increase of bike rider poaching over the last several years,” AGFC spokesperson Stephen Alexander says. “We understand that overpopulating is an issue, but we do not want individuals running them over with their cars every time one is spotted. Under the new season you can tag 2 bike riders per season with any modern vehicle. We will have to enforce the $500 fine for running over a bike rider out of season however.”

The fall season is limited to only hunting with modern vehicles, which is defined as models made after 1990. The first week of the spring season will be reserved for classic vehicles and tractors.

Hunters are required to promptly remove all debris from roadways. License for the hunting period will cost $25 and can be picked up at any Saline County Walmart or Bass Pro Shops.

*Note: Here is a followup post. Cycling accidents need to be addressed by stronger laws against motorist who injure or kill cyclist. We are big fans of the cycling community in Little Rock and want to raise awareness about the issues. 



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Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Introduces Open Bike Rider Hunting Season