Coach Chad Morris Arrested for Impeding Traffic Following Razorback Game

Arkansas State Police released an announcement this morning that the University of Arkansas head football coach Chad Morris was arrested Saturday afternoon following the Razorback’s loss to North Texas for impeding traffic and resisting arrest on Interstate 49, just north of Fayetteville.

The police report says that state police observed Morris’ red Ford Taurus driving 17 miles per hour in the left-hand lane of the interstate highway. Traffic was reportedly backed up more than 44 miles south of Fayetteville with cars attempting to go around Morris’ car.

“We finally pulled up next to Morris and observed that he was driving along with quarterback Cole Kelley in the passenger seat and John Stephen Jones in the back” arresting officer Seth Littrell said in the report. “We advised him multiple times to pull over and was ignored. At one point Morris rolled down the window and informed us to leave him alone that he had ‘the hammer down’.”

After a 15 minute pursuit, Morris’ car came to a stop and Morris and Jones changed seats. The car, with Jones driving, immediately ran off the road and crashed into a ditch outside of Springdale. Morris exited the car and continued to flee down the left-hand lane on foot. Witnesses observe quarterback Ty Storey driving alongside Morris, attempting to offer him a ride, to which Morris was seen yelling at the backup quarterback to “go home, I don’t love you anymore.”

The state police were able to capture Morris shortly after. Morris was briefly detained for resisting arrest before allowing him to leave with a written warning after former University of Arkansas player and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones showed up in support of Morris.

“I had the hammer down and we were just a few good moves away from taking control of the left-hand lane,” Morris said in a post-release press conference. “Sometimes though you got to go back and look in the mirror, and realize there are cars backed up for 44 miles behind you. I’ll go back in on my drive to work and reevaluate things tomorrow, maybe I’ll let someone over, maybe I won’t.”

In unrelated news, the Arkansas State Police also announced the plans for the new Jerry Jones NWA Law Enforcement Training Center in Fayetteville to be completed next fall.


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Coach Chad Morris Arrested for Impeding Traffic Following Razorback Game