College Football Selection Committee Announces Expanded 8 Team Playoffs for 2015-16 Season

DALLAS – The College Football Selection Committee announced a decision to expand the College Football Playoffs to eight teams for next season ahead of this year’s final selection.

Under the new format the top four ranked SEC conference teams would play host to the top four non-SEC teams in the opening round of the playoffs on campus locations.

“This season it became clear that the current format is in need of expansion to include the most deserving teams,” Selection Committee Chairman Jeff Long tells us. “We tried every possible format to place multiple SEC teams in the final selection, even trying to push undefeated Florida State out of the top four. Nothing worked.”

national-championshipThe committee said if the format was in place for this year the opening round would feature Alabama vs Ohio St, Miss St vs Ohio St, Ole Miss vs TCU, and Georgia vs Oregon in the opening round.

The committee hopes the new format will allow more deserving teams to play for a national championship and at the same time remove the perceived SEC bias from those outside the conference.

“Using this format everyone has a chance to play the best in the SEC,” Long says. “That way if a team from the outside is going to win a national championship they have to face up to three top SEC teams, one of those at home. If a team can do that they are deserving of a national championship. I do not see bias in that.”

The selection committee will make their¬†final selection for this years’¬†College Football Playoffs today the top four teams. The committee says if next year’s eight team format fails to produce an SEC team as national champion they will consider moving to an all SEC team format the following year.



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College Football Selection Committee Announces Expanded 8 Team Playoffs for 2015-16 Season