Curtis Coleman Named Non-Profit Executive of the Year by Anguis Oleum Society


The Anguis Oleum Society today has named Curtis Coleman their 2013 Non-Profit executive of the year. Coleman was recognized for his exceptional innovation and ability to maximize revenues of the Curtis Coleman Institute.

The Society points out that over the past year Coleman has managed to to raise close to $160,000 for the Curtis Coleman Institute for Constitutional Policy despite no one being exactly clear what the institute actually does or what the money has been spent on.

“The Coleman institute is a shining example of ingenuity and maximizing funding,” a spokesperson from the Society tells us. “Coleman has continuously found ways to maximize revenues by avoiding annoying taxes and at the same time supporting donors. Earlier this year the IRS revoked their non-profit status, this didn’t stop the Institute. They have clearly found a way to still allow donors to deduct their donations from their taxes, as stated on their donation page.”

The Society additionally praised the Coleman Institute for expanding the organization’s reach by Curtis Coleman’s gubernatorial run. “Typically 501(c)3 does not permit an organization to engage in political activities. By being genius enough to have their non-profit status revoked Coleman is able to continue his run. If they would have been accepted the institute had a number of ways they would ignore that rule anyway,” the Society spokesperson tells us.

Coleman has continued some of his innovative methods from running the institute in his campaign for Governor, earning high marks by the state Republican party. The campaign switched all previously paid employees to “unpaid intern” status, freeing up thousands of dollars in campaign funds. Additionally the campaign has decided to not report any individual donations over $2,600, avoiding contribution limits.

“We could not be more proud of accepting Curtis Coleman into the Anguis Oleum Society and giving him this award. He is a shining example of everything we strive to be,” the president of the Society said in a statement. Coleman will be officially honored with this award later this month at a banquet in Little Rock. Tickets are $1,000 a plate and are fully tax deductible  just go ahead and write it off on your taxes.



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Curtis Coleman Named Non-Profit Executive of the Year by Anguis Oleum Society