DC Comics Recast Wonder Woman as a Man

DC Comics announced today that it will recast the Wonder Woman character as a gender confused man in an all new comic series.

Wonder Woman first appeared in 1941 as All Star Comics publication before joining DC Comics during a merger. Wonder Woman is the longest running female lead comic in history.

“A lot of comics are swapping gender roles, most from male to female,” DC Comics president Diane Nelson says. “Men are loosing their heroes, and unless something is done soon, they will be without a role model. We want males growing up in today’s society to know that it is ok to have a beard, wear makeup, and fly around in a mankini.”

In the release DC says that the new Wonder Woman is not Wonder Woman-man, Wonder Man, or Wonder Woman’s brother. Rather the updated character is 100% Wonder Woman while still 100% male. In addition to flying around in her invisible airplane, serving as a heroine for Gateway City he will also struggle with his gender identity. His secret identity, Dan Prince, will be a lovable hipster who is into organic food and public art projects.

The new Wonder Woman announcement came out shortly after Marvel’s announcement that Thor would be recast as a woman, leading some to suspect the two announcements were planned to coincide.

“This is a move we have wanted to take for a long time, and we are just happy to announce it today,” Nelson says. “In addition to the new comic line we are also happy to announce that the new Justice League movie, featuring the male version of Wonder Woman, is now set to release April 30th, 2015, one day before the Avengers 2.”

Nelson refused to give any casting updates on who may play Wonder Woman in the Justice League movie, but Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brian Wilson confirms he has been approached for the role. The new Wonder Woman comic is expected to hit shelves in October.


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DC Comics Recast Wonder Woman as a Man