Gubernatorial Candidates Mike Ross and Asa Hutchinson Accidentally Married in Eureka Springs

EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark – The first day of legal same-sex marriages in Arkansas took place today in Eureka Springs after Pulaski County Circuit Judge ruled the marriage ban unconstitutional on Friday. Among the first same-sex marriage certificates issued were opposing Gubernatorial Candidates Mike Ross and Asa Hutchinson.

Ross and Hutchinson were in the area for University of Arkansas spring commencement and decided to make appearances at the Carroll County Courthouse to strengthen their stance against same-sex marriage.

“Asa and I pulled up about the same time. We greeted each other outside the courthouse, shook hands and gave a pat on the back,” Democratic candidate for governor Mike Ross tells us. “We had a few photos taken, then someone comes up and asks us both to sign something. I did not pay much attention, we are both asked for autographs occasionally. Next thing we know we had an official marriage license.”

Carroll County Deputy Clerk Jane Osborn issued the certificate, making the marriage between the two candidates official.

Both Ross and Hutchinson say they will consult with their attorney’s immediately to seek an annulment to the mistaken marriage. They will need to wait until Monday morning to file the  annulment. An annulment typically takes 30 days from time of filling to process meaning both candidates will remain married until sometime in June.

“I guess it is not all bad. He is at least halfway cute. Would have been much worse to marry Curtis Coleman,” Hutchinson tells us. “My wife Susan said it was fine if I needed to have my new husband over to sleep in the guest room until we sort this whole mess out.”

Due to the confusion, Ross and Hutchinson admit that no prenuptial agreement was signed going into the marriage. Hutchinson says he will consider seeking half of the $800,000 campaign fund lead that Ross has with the annulment.




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Gubernatorial Candidates Mike Ross and Asa Hutchinson Accidentally Married in Eureka Springs