Hoping for Some Knife Fighting Legislators – This Week in the Rock

Representatives to Meet in Old State House for Special Session

The Arkansas House of Representatives announced this week (one of the worst kept secrets) that they will meet next week in the Old State House for a planned special session. The current House chamber is undergoing renovations and will be unavailable for the session.

We are personally hoping the bit of nostalgia brings back knife fighting in the Old State House Chamber. We are personally hoping for David Meeks and Ann Clemmer to duke it out. While Clemmer would most likely take Meeks, there are no true losers here. Bonus points if Jason Rapert drives down the road and joins in.

Oaklawn Proves you do not have to be the Best to Win, just Spend Enough Money to Force out the Competition

As a part of this special session, and another move that will surprise no one, Oaklawn influenced a bill into the session attempting to limit the reach of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.

That is right, Oaklawn wants to reduce spending on a lottery that provides scholarship opportunities for the youth of Arkansas so that people spend more money with their pseudo-casino. Let this be a life lesson to all of those kids who will see limited scholarships. You do not have to be smart, good, fair, or honorable. You just have to have enough money to influence congress to run everyone out.

Hillary Signs Books at Walmart

Finally, Hillary Clinton is signing copies of her new book at Walmart on Chenal right now. Why Walmart on Chenal instead of some local book store that has enough space to hold the event? See the last sentence of the story above.



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Hoping for Some Knife Fighting Legislators – This Week in the Rock