“Hot Dogs and Hot Love” Helps Hot Dog Mike Successfully Reaches His Funding Goals


Last month we told you about our favorite hot dog slinger’s plans to open a new advice and counseling center. Last week Mike topped the campaign’s $10,000 mark, successfully hitting the goal for opening the store. Mike shared with us this week that he has the keys and has finalized the lease on the new location.

The funding goals did not come easy though, Mike shares with us. At the halfway point of the campaign the funding goal appeared to be coming up short. “I honestly was worried about it,” Mike says. “People were just not responding the way I thought they would. So I took a step back and looked at the campaign. I was offering an advice center but not giving that back in return. So I set up a new reward where anyone who donated $100 and over would get “Hot Dogs and Hot Love” sessions. It really turned the tide.”

The campaign accelerated forward from that point, reaching the seemingly unattainable goal. The “Hot Dogs and Hot Love” reward level allows pledge recipients the chance to sit down at the grill with Mike and share a private advice and counseling session. “The Hot Love is meant to show people how they are a great person inside, capable of doing great things” Mike states on the donation website.

“I think people are truly desperate for some sort of positive reassurance,” one donor tells us. “There is nothing like having the opportunity to sit down with the man you trust to dress up your favorite wiener and have him tell you that you are special.”

There is no current launch date for the new center. Those looking to keep track of the center’s progress are encouraged to follow Hot Dog Mike on facebook and twitter.


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“Hot Dogs and Hot Love” Helps Hot Dog Mike Successfully Reaches His Funding Goals