Hot Dog Mike to Open Advice and Counseling Center

Michael Juiliano, or Hot Dog Mike as he is better known, has finally revealed his long anticipated plans for what he deems “Hot Dog Mike 2.0”. Mike plans to end his daily mobile food cart where he has been serving hot dogs for the past 3 years, and which last year was named the “Sexiest mobile food vehicle“. He now plans to open the new Hot Dog Mike Advice and Counseling Center in downtown Little Rock.

Mike has been trying feverishly over the last month to raise money for the center. Plans for the center include a small grill area where he will serve up hot dogs with private counseling clients. “I found over the years that people really open up to me while eating a hotdog” Mike tells us. “So instead of a couch, we have a table where we share a hotdog together.”

Also included in the center is a television studio, complete with kitchen and audience space for 75 people. Mike is in current negotiations with KARK, the local NBC affiliate, to bring a daily 30 minute show where he cooks hotdogs and gives advice in front of a live audience. Plans for the show have not been finalized, but will likely come daily during the 4:30 time slot.

Mike has been testing the advice driven model over the past several months on twitter and facebook. Multiple times a day Mike post messages such as “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Mike says the response to this has been very positive, enough to give him the encouragement to follow his goal of being the next Dr. Phil.

Getting out of the daily hotdog business was not an easy decision Mike tells us. “I always had a goal of being the first guy to sell a million dollars worth of hotdogs from a cart” Mike tells us. “By committing to the new center I thought I would have to abandon that dream. Instead I decided to try to sell a million dollar hotdog, that way I hit my goal and attract attention to the new center.”

The center will open later this year, as long as Mike is able to find funding for the new building. As for the million dollar hot dog, Mike is still trying to find someone in central Arkansas who can afford to blow a million on a hotdog. Warren Stephens was not available for comment.


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Hot Dog Mike to Open Advice and Counseling Center