Little Rock Zoo Launches Stray Dog Exhibit

Map of the new Dogtown exhibit

The Little Rock Zoo announced today that they will launch an all new stray dog exhibit starting in April. The exhibit is in partnership with the Pulaski County Humane Society, will alleviate recent overcrowding that the center has experienced over the last few years since North Little Rock stopped accepting dogs in the Argenta district.

“We are very excited about this exhibit, we think it will be a great addition to our Zoo,” says exhibit curator Tonya Robinson. The exhibit, called DogTown, will hold up to 75 dogs at any given time. The zoo released a map of the proposed location showing it between the giraffe and bear exhibits, just on the other side of a small existing river in the area.

The Humane society will ensure all the dogs are fully vaccinated before they are included in the exhibit, however they do recommend caution when petting the animals. “They are part of a zoo exhibit, just like you wouldn’t reach into a lion cage and pet them, you shouldn’t do so with these animals either,” says Human society spokesperson Brenda Wood. “Unlike the other exhibits however the zoo is allowing feeding of these animals, mostly because that is the diet they are accustom to eating. The strategic location next to the cafe should help with this.”

The zoo will hold a grand opening ceremony of the new exhibit on April 14th. The exhibit will allow visitors that day to name all the new dogs and admission will be free. There are no plans for other stray animals at this time, though the zoo will not rule out that possibility. Zoo officials tell us that all animals will be available for adoption by simply grabbing them and putting them in your car when you leave.


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Little Rock Zoo Launches Stray Dog Exhibit